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22.04.2017 – Patchwork Blog Story – part 4

22.04.2017 – Patchwork Blog Story – part 4

A new day started fresh and peaceful. The ocean was calm and our little water drop swayed softly in the rhythm of the bright blue element. But abruptly he got started up. What was going on here? Like yesterday dolphin whistles sounded by the sea. Wonderful tones, an amazing whistle concert! The humans on board were craning their heads to get a better look at the dolphins and listened to the high sounds of the Common dolphins. What a complex communication system they have and even the scientists did not knew exactly how they produced these sounds. Our little water drop enjoyed this concert very much. He also listened to the explanations on board which were done today in team work between the guide Fatima and the mini guide Henning. It was amazing of how much this little boy already knew about life in the ocean! At the end the water drop saw Henning driving the boat in a calm and concentrated manner towards the coast line. Tomorrow he would fly back home. The water drop hoped the boy would keep all the dolphins, whales and the ocean with all the many, many water drops in good remembrance. And what about our little water drop? He decided to stay a little longer here in the ocean because it suits him extremely well. And who knows, maybe one day he would tell new adventures about the ocean … we will see.

The end!

von Fatima Kutzschbach

Todays Sightings:

Ribeira Brava
15.00: Common dolphins

10.00: Common dolphins

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