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Tursiops truncatus

Sommeranfang und keien Ausfahrten heute, aber gestern waren wir 2 mal auf dem Meer, morgens bei 2 verschiedenen Schulen von Tümmlern, einige davon sehr aktiv, und nachmittags bei Fatimas Lieblingsdelfinen, den Fleckendelfinen.

First day of Summer and no trips today, but yesterday we where out on the sea 2 times, in the morning we saw two different groups of bottelnose dolphins, some of them very active, and in the afternoon we saw Fatimas favorite: spotted dolphins.

O início do Verão, mas sem viagens, ontem saímos duas vezes, de manhã vimos dois grupos diferentes de roazes, alguns muito activos, e a tarde vimos a espécie preferida da Fatima: os golfinhos pintados.

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Stenella frontalis


Bulweria bulwerii

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Tursiops truncatus

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