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21.07.2017 – Respect

21.07.2017 – Respect

Our trips today were very different from each other. We always give our best to find animals but at the end nature decides what we get. 

Our guests on Ribeira Brava sadly experience how a Big Game fishing boat drove with full speed with all lines out through the sighting spot. To our surprise a crew member came to us to apologize for this behavior afterwards. This is at least a beginning!

A situation like this shows me one more time how important mindfulness is. No matter where we are or with whom we are interacting, it is from high importance to act like we want to be treated, with respect! Sometimes I think human kind and society is getting sick because we are already so far from nature. We forgot that we are a part of nature but instead we believe we are in control. We forget that we, like ever plant, every animal and like every little something are only visitors on this beautiful planet. Such an understanding awestruck and how could it be possible to harm nature? To experience nature it is not necessary be on the ocean (even if this is awesome), we are always surrounded by nature … the chirps of birds; a tree; the fragrance of a flower; the sun rays; a fresh breeze; a rain drop … respect for all that, is respect for yourself and thus for everything else.

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Bottlenose dolphins

17.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins


09.00: no sighting

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