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21.06.2017 – Big day on the Ocean

21.06.2017  – Big day on the Ocean

Today its the official start of summer. And we had a big day on the ocean. On the early morning snorkeling trip, our guests saw Atlantic spotted dolphins from close, and were in the water with these amazing animals. Interesting is also the “other dimension, the acustic dimension” a person in the water can experience. Since dolphins are vocally very active and show a big repertoire of sounds like whistles, clicks and others.

During the ongoing day, we also managed to see a small school of Blainville beaked whales. Thanks so much to our Spotter Carlos, who found them for us. So besides the Atlantic spotted dolphins, we saw some female Blainvilles with their calf. After the dives, which can take 8-10 min the animals surface in order to breath. The small calves had a lighter body colour (light grey) and swam close to their mothers. Certainly the calves cannot dive down yet so deep. Adult beaked whales can do dives up to 45 min and then reach 1200 m depths.

In general, beaked whales are rather shy animals and so there is not much information about them available.

by Astrid Haas   

Sightings of the day:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Blainville beaked whales

18.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Blainville beaked whales


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