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21.04.2019 – Happy jumping dolphin confetti

21.04.2019 – Happy jumping dolphin confetti

Today, on Easter Sunday, there was an occasion for a survey on board of Ribeira Brava. “Would you like to go on search for Easter eggs or dolphins?”, was the question asked. And what do you mean? What our guests answered? Without ifs and buts: “DOLPHIN SEARCH!”. So we sought and found them, a large, widely scattered, interactive, cheerful school Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). The animals also seemed to have a poll running … what do we prefer: to eat fish or go for a great bug wave riding. Again, the answer was clear: bow wave riding of course! Again and again we had these elegant, powerful dolphins in front of the boat, heard their sounds clearly, watched them surfing waves and were able to admire this wonderfully happy jumping dolphins confetti. What an experience, what a gift, the best Easter ever!

In the afternoon there was a small group of Bottlenose dolphins that we were allowed to accompany in parallel. When we left this pod of dolphin we had information from our spotter that there was a group of Fin whales off Ponta do Sol. Apparently we were only about half a mile from the last sighting place but the animals were unfortunately, as if they were swallowed from the ground. Luckily we were found by an interactive group of Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) that charmed us with their beauty. The absolute highlight of the tour was for our guests on Stenella a very small fellow: a Flying fish!

My highlights were the happy, animal loving, big and small guests!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10:00 Happy Bottlenose dolphins


15:00 Bottleose dolphins, Common dolphins, Flying fish

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