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21.04.2017 – Patchwork-blog-story (part 3)

21.04.2017 – Patchwork-blog-story (part 3)

What if Henning already had seen and lived as much adventures as the little water drop? This can’t be answered that easy because each human and each water drop suffers and experiences the world differently, this is what makes life so beautiful. Our water drop had definitely slept well and only woke up when the boats Ribeira Brava and Stenella were heading out of the marina of Calheta. They drove towards the Common dolphins and the Bottlenose dolphins and today they even let some humans into the water. What if these humans could understand the language of the dolphins as the water drop does? It was unbelievable to watch the boats and in the afternoon it even got more exciting because for the first time, in his water waterdrop life, he saw the biggest toothed whales, the Sperm whale or Cachalote. He could count them and there were 15 animals!! The Sperm whales were peaceful for a long time at the surface and once in a while they were putting their big heads out of the water. Our little water drop dared to come very close to them…

by Claudia Gomes

Sighting of the day:

Ribeira Brava
10.00: Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins
15.00: Sperm whales

10.00: Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

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