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21.02.2017 – It’s not ok

21.02.2017 – It’s not ok

It has been about one week since we have had some heavy rain on Madeira Island. With no trips during those days, we could appreciate rainwater coming down from the mountains until it reaches the ocean, turning the ocean around the island murky and brown. We could say it’s a natural process, were nutrients from land get carried through out the sea.  Luckily we have also started to have sightings closer to coast, with Short-finned Pilot whales, Short-beaked Common dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins. Sadly not all is ok. During this last trips, we have collected a lot of garbage floating at the surface of the ocean, from plastic fuel tanks to used spray cans. A reminder of our impact on Nature…

by Daniel Jardim

Todays Sightings:


10.00: Pilot whale and Bottlenose dolphin

15.00: Pilot whale and Common dolphin

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