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Like old school sailors we keep our daily trip journals & reports, feeding our blog on a daily basis with the best selection of photos and stories to tell, registering everything. Check out the amazing stories and photos we collect every day...


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Heute vorerst nur die Bilder des Tages, denn wir haben im facebook ein kleines Rätsel gestartet und wollen doch nicht gleich verraten WAS wir heute Schönes gesichtet haben. Sie können Ihre Vermutung auch hier im blog in den kommentaren lassen:

Today we only will be posting the pictures from our tours, because we are asking for YOUR guesses on “what we saw today” on Facebook, but you can also leave your guess here on a comment below: 

Hoje não revelamos já os nossos avistamentos porque fizemos a pergunta no Facebook e queremos saber se conseguem identificar este belo avistamento. Pode também deixar o seu palpite nos comentários abaixo:

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Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 22.40.35





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