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Die Zeit lief gestern und heute einfach davon und so werden nur schnell die Fotos des Tages bzw. der beiden letzten tage gepostet: Gestern sahen wir Tümmler und Fleckendelfine und heute gemeine Delfine (ein sehr spezielles Tier war dabei, was wir schon dieses Jahr gesichtet haben) und Fleckendelfine.

Since yesterday time flew by really quick, so today I am just uploading, quickly, the pictures of the day (from the 2 past days): yesterday we saw bottelnose dolphins and spotted dolphins, today we saw common dolphins (a very special one was in between them, we already saw him this year) and spotted dolphins.

Estes ultimos dois dias passaram a correr, por isso vou, rapidamente, fazer o upload das fotografias dos ultimos dois dias: ontem vimos roazes e golfinhos pintados e hoje vimos golfinhos comuns (um muito especial entre eles, que já tinha sido avistado este ano) e golfinhos pintados.


Delphinus delphis

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Stenella frontalis

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Tursiops truncatus


Caretta caretta


Larus michahellis

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