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19.10.2017 – Flying high

19.10.2017 – Flying high

Sperm whales are full of surprises and this was again confirmed today during the afternoon trips on both our vessels. We were heading out into the open ocean after being informed by our spotter that a group of very surface-active Sperm whales 4 miles off the coast. He wasn’t exaggerating: I arrived with very excited guests at the site on board the Ribeira Brava and a young calf leapt right infront of the bow. Everyone on board was delighted as the young animal swam around the boat, spinning on its side and and on its back inspecting the vessel. The group was quite distributed and very active at the surface with the young calf continuously breaching in the distance, a larger animal also turning on its dorsal side close to our boats and another tail slapping nearby. Many of the animals were obviously socializing amongst each other but also exhibited curious behavior towards us, a perfect combination of cetacean behavior for whale-watching.

by Paula Thake


Ribeira Brava

14:30 Sperm whales


15:00 Sperm whales


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