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19.10.2016 – Vertical Sperm Whales

19.10.2016 – Vertical Sperm Whales

Today, we saw a big group of sperm whales with around 8-11 individuals. There was a juvenile, and several males and females. Most animals were resting at the surface. They appeared like motionless tree logs, until we saw their big blows rising into the air. Two whales were spy hopping (sticking their heads out of the water), to see the environment above the water surface.

Two other whales were drifting vertically in the water. These shallow passive ‘ drift-dives’ are stereotypical resting behaviour for sperm whales. There are accounts of sperm whales not reacting to a nearby passing boat, until the boat touched them. Researchers think this indicates that sperm whales might sleep during these vertical resting dives.

by Judith Kok

Today’s sightings:

09.30: Bottlenose Dolphins
15.00: Sperm Whales

Ribeira Brava:
10.00: Sperm whales
14.30: Sperm whales

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