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19.03.2016 – Stormy weather

19.03.2016 – Stormy weather

Today on both of the Stenella trips we got recharged with “atlantic energy”. Above us, we had a strong wind blowing – underneath there was the sea moving the zodiac up and down. Depending on the direction of driving, Stenella was either gliding smoothly through the waves, or, when we had to go against the wind, we went jumping along our way. Our guest and of course the crew too, got refreshed with saltwater showers from time to time. But the guests stayed happy and had fun driving a different style today. So big compliment to you! On both of the trips we were able to see a small group of bottlenose dolphins, both times in the bay off Ribeira Brava. The dolphins were travel-diving in pairs. Most of them, were females with their calves. Interesting to see was their synchrone surfacing. On our way home we could see a group of herons, sitting on a cliff right opposite to an Fish farm.

by Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:


10.00: Bottlenose dolphins

15.00: Bottlenose dolphins


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