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Stenella frontalis

Wie die Natur so schnell wechseln kann, morgens sahen wir Pottwale (nur von der Ribeira Brava aus), Tümmler (nur von der Ribeira Brava aus), Fleckendelfine und Streifendelfine (Sichtung sowohl von Stenella als auch von der Ribeira Brava aus) und am Nachmittag gab es nichts mehr von alle dem zu zeigen.

How nature changes, in the morning there were sperm whales (only Stenella saw one), bottlenose dolphins (only Ribeira Brava saw them), spotted dolphins and striped dolphins (sightings of Stenella and Ribeira Brava) and in the afternoon there was nothing more to show.

Como a natureza muda, de manha vimos cachalotes (só da Stenella), roazes (só a Ribeira Brava), golfinhos pintados e golfinhos riscados (avistamentos tanto do Stenella como do Ribeira Brava) e a tarde não havia mais nada para mostrar.

Physeter macrocephalus

Stenella coeruleoalba

Tursiops truncatus

Stenella coeruleoalba

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