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18.10.2016 – Mirror, mirror … on the ocean

18.10.2016 – Mirror, mirror … on the ocean
Today we had on both trips whales. During the morning we saw shy Blainville’s Beaked whales, which showed up a bit closer to Ribeira Brava as Stenella.
During the afternoon we had a short encounter with a shark, we just could say “Hi”, before we drove on. A little while later we were able to observe two Tropical whales, mother and calf. Very clearly we could follow their direction to swim by following their fluke prints. When the whale moves his fluke he also moves tones of water, which changes the water structure on surface.  So fluke prints are not a substance, they are a hydraulic action formed by water turbulences. It looks like a mirror, very smooth. A ring like wall of water blocks waves from entering.
by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day:
Ribeira Brava
10.00: Blainville’s Beaked whales
14.30: Blainville’s Beaked whales, Tropical whales
10.00: Blainville’s Beaked whales

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