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18.09.2016 – Blainville deep divers

18.09.2016 –  Blainville deep divers

Wonderful tours on Ribeira Brava today. On our afternoon trip, we first had a long sighting with a big pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Our guests were amazed to see animals all around our boat.

On our way back to Calheta, three Blainville beaked whales surfaced near us. They came closer, and crossed right in front of the bow of Ribeira Brava. After about two minutes, they dove down again.”Where did they disappear to?” one of our guests asked a bit disappointed. “Don’t they quickly have to come up for air again?” Indeed, Blainville beaked whales, like all whales and dolphins, need to come back to the surface to breath, but they are great divers and can stay under water for more than 54 minutes. In their search for food, they can dive down to deep waters between 500 and 1400 meters. They use suction mechanisms to eat small fish and cephalopods, like squid and octopus. Quite impressive animals! 

by Judith Kok


Todays sightings: 

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

17.00: Blainville Beaked Whales, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

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