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18.08.2016 – The miracle of new life

18.08.2016 – The miracle of new life

On today’s snorkeling trip, we observed a group of spotted dolphins soon after leaving Calheta’s marina. They were swimming in smaller groups of about 5-8 animals, and synchronizing their swimming behavior. As we got into the water, we first heard their sounds… slowly getting louder, louder and louder…. We knew they were approaching but did not see any dolphins yet. Then, in the midst of the blue water, we saw some shapes approaching us… the dolphins! We saw three shapes of about two meters. Then, a small figure became apparent under water, accompanying the other dolphins… a baby dolphin! It is one of the most amazing experiences to see the wonder of new life under water. This little dolphin was less than two months old, but it was already behaving so grown up… it was swimming just like the other animals, diving down when they dove down, speeding up when they sped up. But this little one was very energetic, more so than the adults. Often it would take a spurt to playfully swim up to the water surface, after which it would dive down again.

There is always something very special about seeing small dolphins… it’s like getting in insight in a dolphin family, like peeking into their living room. Truly heart-touching!

by Judith Kok

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

13.30: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Common Dolphins

17.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Common Dolphins


09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

15.30: Common Dolphins

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