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18.01.2017 – A keen child

18.01.2017 – A keen child

The first pod of dolphins (the bottlenose dolphins) close to shore, were slumbered away by her. But the pod of common dolphins, that were feeding far offshore and leaping so nicely, they let her eyes shining with joy. “Theeeere . . . dolphins . . .” Just made her second birthday and sooooo keen. Just like the dolphins as well the fantastic view over the beautiful island far from the ocean, made her so amazed. And what did she say about the Caretta caretta, the big Loggerhead turtle we encountered? Such guests on board are very special for us and raise our hopes for humanity. Thanks Frida 😀

by Claudia Gomes

Todays Sightings:


10.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins and a Loggerhead turtle

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