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Calheta / Grampus griseus

Rundkopfdelfine begegneten wir heute, sie werden übrigens, laut mehrerer meiner Bücher etwas über 30 Jahre alt. Leider ist das springende Exemplar nicht so gut geworden wie ich erwartet hatte. Aber wir sehen schön die verschiendenen Farben, je älter je weißer werden sie, und auch die vielen Narben kann man gut erkennen. Zudem verwöhnte uns die Natur heute mit anfänglichen Regen, Sonne draußen auf dem Meer und schönen Blicken auf die Küste.

Grampus griseus

Risso’s dolphins is what we spotted today and, like I looked up in my books, they get around 30 years old. The photo of the leaping one didn’t get as good as I expected, but you may see very well the different color patterns (as older as whiter they get) and all these scratches on their skin. While leaving the harbor we had a little bit of rain, but sun was waiting outside and so we even had some rainbows and the nice view to the coastline.

Grampus griseus

O que vimos hoje foram muitos grampos. Vê-se bem as cicatrizes que eles têm e a cor que com o avanço para a idade está ficando cada vês mais claro até mesmo ser branco. Ao sair do porto tivemos um pouco de chuva, mas lá fora apanhamos bastante sol e assim até vimos alguns arco-iris. Infelizmente o animal aos saltos eu não consegui muito bem captar com a maquina, mas fica aqui o registo.

Grampus griseus

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