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17.08.2016 – Snorkeling with dolphins

17.08.2016 – Snorkeling with dolphins

Whale watching is an amazing way to see and experience dolphins, whales, and the ocean. Getting in the water with dolphins takes this experience to another level: for me, it’s the ultimate human-dolphin experience! You are really entering their living environment now! You can see the dolphins moving under water, as they glide effortlessly through the blue layers of the ocean. You can look them right in the eye. You can see them from below the water surface diving up and down, turning, and speeding up. You can hear their rich variety of sounds, whistles and clicks. Sometimes you see them accelerate with breathtaking speed towards the surface to make a jump.

Todays snorkeling trip was a big success, and the best trip we have had in a couple of weeks. There were many spotted dolphins around us, who were very curious. They came up to 2 meters close, so close that we could count the individual spots on their skins. I locked eyes with one dolphin swimming right next to me. The level of intelligence and recognition is amazing… it’s like looking at another human being, but at one that is REALLY looking back at you. Being so close to these beautiful animals is an experience that is just hard to describe in words… it’s one of those things in life that make time seem to last forever, and leave you amazed and speechless.

I’ll leave it up to two of our guests to describe the tour. They said: „This was the best day of the year so far!“  and „This is the best thing I’ve done on a holiday in years!“ It left our captain (Daniel) and myself very happy to see the many smiles on people’s faces, and to hear that the guests enjoyed the snorkeling trip so much. This is what we do it for!

by Judith Kok

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins

13.30: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot Whales

17.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Tropical Bryde’s Whales


09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

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