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17.06.2017 – Special connections

17.06.2017 – Special connections

Today, mother nature made it again exciting since it was not easy to find marine mammals. Besides this, at sea it was a bit misty so our spotter on land didn’t have a clear sight on the ocean surface. We had been driving already for about an hour in a eastern direction, as we finally found a school of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Yeahh, everybody was enthusiastic then. Before us they were with a small catamaran from Funchal and decided then to came over to check out our Zodiac. So we were very happy and thankfull also because of the special connections of Filipe (Skipper of Stenella) who called the captain of the other boat by phone, in order to check if he would have marine mammals. Sometimes you have to be innovative in order to reach your goals.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

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