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17.05.2017 – Moments of happiness

17.05.2017 – Moments of happiness

Sometimes our guests ask me, if it would not be a bit similar for me, the trips at sea, all a bit the same again. The clear answer is: no, not at all. Every trip is different and each time again it is a touching and thrilling moment to see them (most of times dolphins) coming towards our boats, sometimes even with energetic jumps. What is going on in their minds, why do they do that? Furthermore, we are not that silent, when we drive a cross their home. Well, it seems, that these kind of questions are not so easy to answer.
Today again we were lucky and found two active schools of dolphins. Combined with an almost flat sea and crystal-clear water. So it was easy to observe all kind of details of the animals. And of course also their eyes, with which they were observing us unforgettable moments at sea.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava
14.30: Common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.00: Common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins

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