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Heute glattes Meer, Sonne und gute Sicht. Es gab Fleckendelfine, die wahrscheinlich vor den gemeinen Delfinen geflüchtet sind. Zudem gab es jede Menge portugiesischer Galeeren und die ersten Gelbschnabelsturmtaucher, der Frühling ist also schon da.

Stenella frontalis

Today the sea was flat, sun was shining and the sight was good. We saw atlantic spotted dolphins, which probably swam away because of the common dolphins. There were lots of Portuguese man of war around and the first Cory’s Shearwaters which means that spring arrived.

Delphinus delphis

Hoje o mar estava liso, o sol a brilhar e dava par ver muito longe. Os golfinhos pintados provavelmente fugiram dos golfinhos comuns. Vimos imensas caravelas portuguesas e também as primeiras cagarras, que significa que a Primavera chegou.

Physalia physalis

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