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16.02.2017 – First Shearwaters

16.02.2017 – First Shearwaters

Shearwaters are elegant aviators, sometimes gliding only a few centimeters above the water. Flying like this they can capture the fine smell from everything hidden underneath the ocean surface. Once at the right place, they only have to wait that dolphins chase the fish towards the water surface. Then breakfast, lunch or dinner is served. After their long journey from South America, we’ve encountered the first Cory´s Shearwaters. Welcome back to Madeira island!  And welcomed as well on our tours today, were the Pilot whales which were swimming powerfully towards west and also a big pod of Common dolphins.

by Claudia Gomes

Todays Sightings:


10.00: Pilot whales

15.00: Common dolphins

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