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15.10.2016 – Salted herring and Sperm whale spectacle

15.10.2016 – Salted herring and Sperm whale spectacle

During our morning trip we had several close and beautiful encounters with Bottlenose dolphins. One animal had a barrier tape first on his flipper then on his dorsal fin, as if he wants to say: “Stop, no exit to dolphinaria anymore!”

The afternoon trip will always remain in my remembrance as salted herrings group with Sperm whale spectacle. The wind had freshened. So the first check was on waterproof cloth for the guest of Stenella. Given that our spotter discovered Sperm whales, we drove quickly through the waves. When we arrived on the sighting spot, the guest on the right side of Stenella were already quit salty. While we were waiting for the animals, I said: “After that wet trip you should have deserved some breaches.” Which happens of course very rarely, but sooner said than done …. Not half a minute later, we had the first, second and third breach. If you wish for something, you should be prepared it’s going to be achieved. I wasn’t, the camera was still stored. It will be always doubtful, what most impressive during this trip. Were all these beautiful breaches the most impressively thing? We had two more.
Or was is when the Sperm whales came directly towards us, lifting their huge heads next to the boat out of the water, almost in our reach? Or was it the Sperm whale, who turned on his back showing his underside? Or was it the Sperm whale which head first lifted up his gigantic rear part of his body and hit his tale with great power on the water surface? Even though this animal was far away, it was very imposing to observe.

 All these different situations were breathtaking exiting. Maybe there is no need to decide which one was the best, because everyone was special for itself. Without any doubt, we had a gigantic, amazing adventure! How promised the guest on the left side of Stenella got salty as well. At the end we had a wet but enjoyable trip with guest how we love them at most: happy guests! Thank you very much, dear guests of the salted herring group! Thank you very much amazing Sperm whales!

And here another reminder: on Facebook and Youtube we have a wonderful video “Where is mommy”, where you are able to have a deep look into an eye of a Sperm whale calf, which was done by Daniel our Skipper on Stenella. Watch it and enjoy!

by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Bottlenose dolphins
14.30: Sperm whales


09.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.00: Sperm whales

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