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15.09.2015 – Rockn’roll on the waves

15.09.2015 – Rockn’roll on the waves

Astrid’s impressions: Today everyone, animals and ourselves were energized and cheerful. Somehow, an atmosphere like on a rock concert. An enormous school of ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHINS, was with us on all our trips. They proofed to be fast wave riders and endless jumpers. It almost seemed, that wind and waves lent them wings to fly. It was a concentrated energy of live which came out of the water to us on board.

On the afternoon tour, our spotters sent us far way out to the north-west coast off the lighthouse Ponta do Pargo. There again, the Atlantic spotted dolphins were full of energy. jumped and stayed with us for a while. Beautiful moments, in front the great panorama of the Northwestern cliff line.

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

9.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins


12.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins

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