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15.07.2017 – Flying dolphins and fish

15.07.2017 – Flying dolphins and fish

To catch a Flying Fish (Exocoetidas) with the camera is certainly rather big luck and merits respect. The fish, which reaches a size of 30-40 cm, leaves the water when it gets afraid of a danger (for example an approaching boat). Flying fish look like big dragonflies and can sail up to 400 m above the water surface. Today, this short moments (Flying fish) couldn’t be taken on picture, but later it worked out with another “flying” animal.

An Atlantic spotted dolphin showed us two stunning jumps. Twice it sprang about 6-8 m high, close to the Ribeira Brava. So this time, the camera was ready to take the air-acrobat on picture. We were wondering about the dolphins motivation. What did he want to say, was it a demonstration of power or joy of life? After all was it aimed even for us, or rather to another dolphin?

During all tours we showed our guests, todays “dream team”: Altantic spotted dolphins and Tropical whales. Sometimes we even found the two species swimming together. Its interesting to see the active little toothed whales (dolphins belong to the toothed whales) and the rather unhurried big baleen whales (Tropical whales) travelling together.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale

15:00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale

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