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15.07.2016 – It was like in a dream!

15.07.2016 – It was like in a dream!

So nice to hear that from one of our guests after a wonderful encounter with a very large group of Atlantic Spotted dolphins. At least 40 individuals followed us on the Ribeira Brava, along with jumping and bow riding. A big « Kindergarten » made of 5 mothers and their calves swam along the boat and we couldn’t help but melt in front of so much cuteness. The light was perfect with a refreshing morning breeze…Yes indeed, it was like in a dream!

by Clémentine 

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava
10.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins
15.00: Pygmy Killer Whale

09.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins
18.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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