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15.03.2016 – Weather from the south

15.03.2016 – Weather from the south

Lobosonda for now at 2 boarders: Astrid on the conference is getting input for us so that we can pass it on to our clients and Sr. Luis, Daniel, Drumond and me went out with both boats with Belmiro as our spotter.  On the conference there was a very interesting speech from Mónica Silva about the ecological importance of open waters and islands for baleen whales.

On the ocean we had humid air, on land it even was raining. Great lighting effects, sun views, lots of clouds and Bottlenose Dolphins. The first pod of resident dolphins was very shy, but the next groups were much more active. The leap I missed to catch with my camera, but I’ve collected lots of fins for the photo identification.

by Claudia Gomes

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Bottelnose Dolphins


10.00: Bottelnose Dolphins

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