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Caretta caretta / Pollicipes pollicipes

Wieder war das Wasser sehr ruhig, die falsche Karettschildkröte war voller Entenmuscheln. Die Schulen, sowohl der gemeinen Delfine als auch der großen Tümmler, zogen weit verbreitet die einen Richtung Westen, die anderen Richtung Osten.

Tursiops truncatus

Again we had so calm water, the Loggerhead turtle was full of barnacles and the pod of common dolphins such as the pod of the bottlenose dolphins have been far scattered. Some swimming to the east, the others swimming to the west.

Delphinus delphis

Novamente o mar com uma lagoa, a tartaruga boba estava cheio de percebe e os grupos de golfinhos, tanto os golfinhos comuns como os roazes, estavam bastante espalhados. Alguns nadando para oeste e os outros para leste.

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