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14.12.2017 – Early Christmas present

14.12.2017 – Early Christmas present

Today’s exit was under a good star. Six miles ahead, our spotter Drumond detected a Sperm whale blower. So we went off in a good mood and after over an hour’s drive, the captain and the guide could already see the blow. To our astonishment, a blow had suddenly turned to at least four. As we approached the group, there was even a fifth!. Cozy the animals swam side by side towards the open sea. After a few minutes, Filipe saw another blow on the port side. So we went there and then the Christ´s Child came with the gift. I counted 16! Sperm whales, which moved side by side and laterally moved their tracks. Entirely relaxed, they showed their best side. The rapture of the guests was accordingly large. On this beautiful day we were able to observe at least 20 whales up close. Maybe more, since of course some animals are under the water surface.

What a Christmas present.

by Oli Hoppe

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Ribeira Brava

14:30 Sperm whales

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