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14.11.2016 – Ocean swimming

14.11.2016 – Ocean swimming

Autumn is here and the weather and water are getting colder. But our guests are not discouraged! Today we had two tough guests from Sweden and Brazil who asked us if they could go for a swim on the open ocean. After our sightings with pilot whales (including babies!) and bottlenose dolphins, we stopped Stenella to let our guests enjoy 1200 meters of water beneath them. It’s a truly special experience to see the blue everywhere around you.

by Judith Kok

P.S. Our beloved NIKON that has been taking all the amazing photos during the past years is taking a “rest”, we promise trying to fix “her” as soon as possible. While we can’t show you pictures of the beautiful animals, we’ll pick out some from our archives.

Today’s sightings:


10.00: Pilot Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins

Ribeira Brava

14.30: Common Dolphins

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