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14.10.2017 – Lara`s Picture

14.10.2017 – Lara`s Picture

Today Lara and her family went the second time out with us. Already yesterday she painted a very beautiful picture and today she gave me anotheone (Thank you very much/Köszönöm, dear Lara :)), both full of creativity and loaded with the fresh experience of the ocean. It is so wonderful to see her enthusiasm and amazement shared with us through this picture. I wish, there will be more and more creative kids who are happy to express their imagination and preserve their amazement. This also has to do with the value parents convey to their children. Maybe you ask yourself why I talk about it. It just makes me happy to have happy guests on board who appreciate the beauty of the ocean. I also think the best way to teach children respect for nature is to avoid dolphinaria and enjoy a nature experience with the family. You might object that not everyone can afford a journey to these animals. RIGHT! But do you really want to take responsibility to “enjoy” a disputable pleasure with captive animals? This is no win-win, that’s for sure. Some days ago I saw a report about a fish free aquarium. How cool is this! Hopefully this will be the future, that`s my heart wish, yours too?

And what did we see today? In the morning we had to prove our patience, but then we saw Sperm whales and one lifted the tale while going for a deep dive and a calf approached the boat a bit closer. After that we had a small group of Bottlenose dolphins travelling calmly. In the afternoon we were quite busy with all the sightings. A group of Bottlenose dolphins made the start, then we had a brief encounter with two Tropical whales (mother and calf) but the most intense one were the Pilot whale sighting, very beautiful! We even discovered two tiny calves!

By Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Sperm whales, Bottlenose dolphins

14.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Tropical whales, Pilot whales


09.30: Bottlenose dolphins

15.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Tropical whales, Pilot whales


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