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14.09.2017 – Ecological and dangerous toys for whales

14.09.2017 – Ecological and dangerous toys for whales

What might be the most beautiful Birthday gift? It is for sure a shared, connecting, wonderful memory. This was the kind of experience one of our guests had today on her day of honor. We met in total five Sperm whales but had a closer encounter with three of them. They turned to their side and we could see a part of the huge tale and they lifted their heads out of the water. One juvenile opened his mouth again and again and we clearly saw his lower jaw. On one of the pictures you can see he has a piece of drift wood (check out the pictures) in his mouth, such an ecological toy.

But one of the whales had a green fishing net over his head, a very dangerous toy! We were able to fish it out of the ocean. Such nets can cause the death of marine animals. This net was not really big but enough to end the journey of a sea turtle forever. I am wondering if the boats outside find a net, why it would be so complicated in bringing a net back to the harbor to recycle it properly? Is it easier, throwing into the sea instead?

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Sperm whales

13.30: Tropical whales, Common dolphins


09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

18.00: Common dolphins, Striped dolphins, Sperm whales


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