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14.09.2016 – Upside down

14.09.2016 – Upside down

Today both boats had a great start in the morning. After a sighting of Blainville Beaked whales (only Ribeira Brava), big and very active schools of dolphins offered us several kind of activities. Socialising, wave riding, jumps, back jumps, tail-slaps and much more. The calves of the Atlantic spotted dolphins practised especially jumps and tailslaps. Thereby they swam on their backs and looked like little propeller. Young animals learn many behaviours from adult animals and yeahhh, some day they finally have to practise this. A great and sometimes funny spectacle to observe.

During the afternoon there were also baleenwhales around, most probably they were Bryde Whales (also named Tropical Whale). Just another awesome day at sea.

by Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:
09.00: Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and Blainville Beaked Whales

13.30: Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Baleenwhales (probably Bryde Whales)

17.00: Bottlenose Dolphins and Common Dolphins


09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and Common Dolphins (Snorkeltrip)

15.30: Common Dolphins

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