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Globecaphala macrorhynchus (spyhoop)

Den ganzen Tag über Pilotwale und Tümmler beim soyialisieren, spypoops, Sprünge und ruhiges Treiben lassen. Super Sichtungen heute von der Ribeira Brava aus um 9.00, 13.30 und 17.00 Uhr und der Stenella um 10.00 Uhr

The hole day pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins socializing, spyhooping, leaps and gliding quiet in the water. What a nice sightings we had from 3 Ribeira Brava trips at 9.00, 13.30 and 17.00 and from Stenella at 10.00

O dia inteiro com baleias piloto (bocas de panela) e roazes na socialização, spyhoops, saltos e nadar e drivar calmamente na aqua. Que lindos avistamentos com  ambas as embarcações: Ribeira Brava as 9.00, 13.30 e 17.00 e Stenella as 10.00

Globecaphala macrorhynchus

Tursiops truncatus

Globecaphala macrorhynchus / Tursiops truncatus

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  1. Saskia Jonker
    August 14, 2012

    Those are very nice pictures of the pilot whales spyhooping! Yesterday a humpback whale was sighted in the Dutch harbour of Rotterdam. I went all the way to Madeira to see whales and now there is a humpback whale very close to the Dutch coast. Fortunately people form the harbour have been able to guide the whale out of the harbour, which is not a very safe place for a whale. And now it remains close to the coast, even breaching. It is very unusual for a humpback whale to show itself in these waters. Hopefully it will find its way back tot wherever it belongs. Kind regards, Saskia


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