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2013-04-13 (1)

Homo sapiens

Bestes Wetter, Sonnenschein und ruhiges Meer heute auf unserer Stenella Fahrt Nachmittag. Weit draußen sahen wir Tümmler und näher an der Küste gemeine Delfine. Wir haben einige Plastikflaschen eingesammelt, portugisische Galeeren beobachtet und sahen 2 fliegende Fische. 

What a lovely day we had, the sun was shinning and the sea was calm, perfect conditions for a “Stenella” trip. We saw some bottlenose dolphins far away from land, and some common dolphins near the cost. We also collected some plastic bottles, saw Portuguese man of war and two flying fish.

Hoje esteve um dia lindo, com muito sol e mar calmo, as condições perfeitas para uma viagem no “Stenella”. Vimos roazes bem longe da costa e golfinhos comuns bem perto. Apanhamos algumas garrafas de plástico, vimos uma caravela portuguesa e dois peixes voadores.

2013-04-13 (2)

Tursiops truncatus

2013-04-13 (3)

Delphinus delphis

2013-04-13 (4)

Physalia physalis

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-13 um 19.15.03

Tursiops truncatus

2013-04-13 (5)

Delphinus delphis

2013-04-13 (6)Delphinus delphis

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-13 um 19.18.23

Delphinus delphis

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