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13. – 17.11.2012

Am 13.11. gab es keine Sichtungen und dannach, statt draußen auf dem Meer zu sein, sitzen wir gemütlich am Feuer, das ist das Schöne am Wind, den hohen Wellen und dem Regen der letzten Tage.

On the 13.11. we had no sightings and after, instead of being out on the ocean, we’re sitting next to our fireplace. Thank’s to the wind, the big waves and the rain of the last days. 

Dia 13.11. não houve avistamento e os dias seguintes, em ves de estar no mar, vamo-nos sentar a volta da nossa lareira. Isto são os lados bons do vento, da chuva e da ondulação.

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  1. Mara Gomes
    November 16, 2012

    most peaceful and characterful place in the world…


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