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13.10.2017 – Friday the 13th

13.10.2017 – Friday the 13th

Western superstition has branded Friday the 13th as a truly unlucky day. Although many of our superstitions are linked to the ocean, this belief could not be applied to the wonderful Friday I was able to spend on the Ribeira Brava today. Time flew by as we enjoyed beautiful whale sightings, met inquisitive Bottlenose dolphins and observed the peaceful Blainville’s beaked whales. The Bottlenose were very active at the surface today, charming our guests with a number of leaps and looking up at us at the bow of the boat. There was alot of socializing among the animals and we were even able to observe some mating behaviour. The Blainville’s beaked whales also passed close to our vessel, with the bull at the rear of the group keeping a watchful eye on his harem. We saw several Baleen whales today who played their usual hide & seek game with us, making it hard to determine the species on board. After some refelction and double-checking our photos we understood that we saw both Sei and Bryde’s whales today.

It was a successful and eventful way to end the week and very much the opposite of what the superstition claims the day should be like.

by Paula Thake


Ribeira Brava

10:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Sei Whale

14:30 Bottlenose dolphins, Blaineville’s beaked whale, Bryde’s whale


10:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Sei Whale

12:30 Bottlenose dolphins, Blaineville’s beaked whale

15:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Blaineville’s beaked whale


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