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13.10.2015 – RENDEZ-VOUS

13.10.2015 – RENDEZ-VOUS

Claudias impressions: Appointments are made in advance, they may happen spontaneously or be canceled or postphoned. This is what happened to our tours today. In the morning both boats had lots of pilot whales, the atlantic spotted dolphins for Stenella got lost in wind and waves, they postponed their appointment. The pilot whale in parts were calm and other parts quiet active, all heading towards the east. We saw many youngsters with their mothers and one made a leap, which is rare to observe on this species. On the afternoon trips with Stenella guests and crew enjoyed Atlantic spotted dolphins, Offshore Bottlenose dolphins and Sperm whales. Two of these biggest toothed whales seemed to have a Rondez-vous theirselfes and were swimming one next each other “in love”.

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

10.00: Pilot whales


10.00: Pilot whales, flying fish

14.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Sperm whales

16.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Sperm whales

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