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Like old school sailors we keep our daily trip journals & reports, feeding our blog on a daily basis with the best selection of photos and stories to tell, registering everything. Check out the amazing stories and photos we collect every day...


Mesoplodon densirostris

Heute sahen wir morgens große Tümmler, mittags einen Blainville Schnabelwal (Video und Foto aus unserem Archiv) und spät nachmittags große Tümmler und Pilotwale.

Tursiops truncatus

Today we saw bottlenose dolphins in the morning, one Blainville beaked whale (Photo and video from our archive) on the midday trip and in the late afternoon bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

Tursiops truncatus / Paul do Mar

Hoje vimos de manha roazes, ao meio dia baleia de bico Blainville (foto e video do nosso arquivo)  e a tarde roazes e bocas de panela.

Paul do Mar / Globicephala macrocephalus / Jardim do Mar

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