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13.02.2017 – no sighting

13.02.2017 – no sighting

To antecipate, no, we didn’t see any Orcas today. The blogtext was chosen because on both trips there were questions about Orcas. They belong to the toothed whales and in these group they are the biggest dolphins. Males may grow up to more than 9m and can reach the size of the smallest baleen whales, that is Mink whales. In our waters they are extreme rare to encounter, but Orcas excercise a big attraction to humans. Their black and white body patterns and the big fin, that grows up  to 2m high, gives them an attractive appearance. Many orcas eat fish, but some other sea-mammals. This has probably brought them the rather unsympathetic name “killer whale”. In the wild there are no recordings that Orcas attacked any human.  They are highly intelligent and social  animals, which belong into the open ocean. Today, unfortunately, we didn’t see Orcas, nor other sea mammals.

A reading tip for small and big once are the books from Doris Thomas “Through the eyes of the Orcas” and the series about “Zabu”, the little Orca.

by Claudia Gomes

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10.00: no sighting

15.00: no sighting

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