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13.01.2018 – Escorted by a Heron!!!

13.01.2018 – Escorted by a Heron!!!

A trip along the coast from Ponta do Sol until our starting point from Calheta Harbor, accompanied by air from a Heron from the Ardeidae bird family. There are several species present in the archipelago but over the past years it seems that bigger flocks are present near areas were fish farms are located. In Nature when it comes for finding food or preying the “equation” tends to have a predestined outcome. Less effort possible for the most benefit possible, its to say the less energy consumption for the most benefit in terms of energy income in finding food. Unfortunately during our two hour trip we had no sighting of cetaceans.

by Daniel Jardim

Sightings of the day:


10:00 No sighting

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