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Ribeira Brava / Steno bredanensis

Tolle Sichtungen heute Mittag und Nachmittag: meine Lieblingsdelfine, die Rauzahndelfine. Die Ribeira Brava sah auch noch gemeine Delfine und die Stenella sah noch Fleckendelfine und Tümmler. Am Morgen gab es “nur” Tümmler und einen Schnabelwal (ohne Fotodoku, da es einfach zu schnell ging). . .

Nice sightings in the afternoon: my favourite, rough-toothed dolphin. “Ribeira Brava” also saw common dolphins and “Stenella” saw spotted dolphins and bottelnose dolphins. In the morning  we “only” saw bottelnose dolphins and one Beaked whale (without photo, because he dived to fast)…

Bonitos avistamentos esta tarde: os meus preferidos, caldeirões. Com o “Ribeira Brava” vimos também golfinhos comuns, com o “Stenella” vimos ainda golfinhos pintados e roazes. De manhã vimos “apenas” roazes e uma baleia de bico (sem registo fotográfico porque assim que apareceu também desapareceu)…

2013-07-12 (2) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC 2013-07-12 (9) SONY DSC

Steno bredanensis

2013-07-12 (11)

Tursiops truncatus

2013-07-12- (1) SONY DSC

Mesoplodon densirostris (Archiv) 1. male, 2. female


Delphinus delphis

2013-07-12 (3)

Stenella frontalis

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