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12.10.2017 – Abundance

12.10.2017 – Abundance

Abundance or wealth can express itself on different levels. It is not always the fact to have enough money. It is easy to feel rich with wonderful experiences. You might feel rich because you were gifted from someone else with heart full intentions. You will find abundance in the small and in the big! You are able to discover it, when you truly open your eyes and heart to the beauty. Nature is so unique, so wonderful, so manifold richness and abundance is everywhere. Today our guest felt gifted! Tropical whales, a Sei whale, Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic Spotted dolphins enabled us to feel abundance and wealth in our hearts. Thanks to these beautiful animals!

By FatimaKutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Tropical whales, Sei whale, Bottlenose dolphins


10.00: Tropical whales, Bottlenose dolphins

15.00: Tropical whales, Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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