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12.09.2017 – Jumping high

12.09.2017 – Jumping high

Star of today was a young Sperm whale, obviously enjoying to fly high. From some distance we couldn’t believe our eyes, as we saw the little Sperm whale leaving the water and performing several high jumps. He managed to get out completely of the water. Apparently effortless the little Sperm whale reached out high, before he got some rest back at the surface, breathing a lot. A newborn calf already weigh around a ton. Certainly it must be a great exprience to beat gravity and be in the air for these little moments. The sportive youngster belonged to a spermwhale pod of at least 7-10 animals, mostly females with calves.

On our morning tour we found an active school of Rough toothed dolphins in good humor. They were hunting and trying to herd their prey. Some of them showed tailslaps in a row, others swimming on their backs, one dolphin was breaching several times. Other animals of the group enjoyed surfing the waves and also went bow-riding in our boat. Seeing them from close, we could observe that the animals turned themselves in order to see what is going on above their heads. Being eye to eye with them were unforgetable moments.

by Astrid Haas 

Sightings of the day:


12.00: Tropical Whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins and Roughtooth dolphins

18.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Tropical Whales, Seaturtle

15.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Seaturtle

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