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12.07.2017 – No empty promises

12.07.2017 – No empty promises

We always tell our guests that we cannot guarantee a sighting but we promise that we will try our VERY best to find and observe animals. Today we had to try particularly hard and managed despite difficult conditions. After a long time out on the windy Atlantic, the crew guiding the Ribeira Brava was finally able to find a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins! The guests were overjoyed to see the animals who, as usual, never fail to disappoint with their interactive nature. The sighting lasted around 15 minutes before we observed a tail slap from one of the animals which was our cue to leave them in peace and head back to Calheta harbor.

The afternoon tour on the Stenella had to be postponed to a later time due to the conditions at sea. The team went out with enthusiastic guests in the evening and everyone returned to Calheta with a smile. The Stenella was surrounded by Atlantic spotted dolphins during the tour who once again charmed everyone on board. The day took a successful end thanks to the hard work of our team and the friendly nature of our summer dolphins.

by Paula Thake

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava

9:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins


18:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins

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