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12.06.2017 – What an experience with super nice guests

12.06.2017 – What an experience with super nice guests

A day with super nice guests and great sightings. Together we experienced amazing situations, thank you very much for that! During our snorkeling trip in the morning, we dived into the blue dolphin world. Atlantic Spotted dolphins surveyed these odd looking humans travelling on a rope through the water. We listened to their communication and heard clearly their clicking sounds. What an experience! During the afternoon and evening trips the guests of both boats had Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins and something huge… Sperm whales. These whales are the biggest of the Toothed whales and we had them close to the boats. When the fluke got up into the air the whale slipped into the depth. One whale was accompanied by a few Atlantic Spotted dolphins. What an experience! The crowning finale of the day was a Flying fish sailing next to Stenella, right before sunset. He was extensive admired like all the other animals. Awesome guests, who enjoyed all experience just the way we love it, from the fullest of their hearts. Thank you very much!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:

09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphin, Sperm whales
18.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins, Sperm whales

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