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12.06.2016 – IT WAS ME

12.06.2016 – IT WAS ME

I was so glad when I saw him during my Briefing before the trip, Beaus my day didn’t started that well and it was written in big letters on his T-shirt ICH WARS, which means IT WAS ME (him because he wore the shirt ;). On the ocean things calmed down and we had a special and uncommon sighting-combinations. Both boats “Ribeira Brava” and “Stenella” saw Atlantic spotted dolphins and Common dolphins all together. And “Stenella” saw as well Atlantic spotted dolphins together with Bottlenose dolphins. After this, every guest of Lobosonda could say: IT WAS ME, that encountered the dolphins in their natural habitat, IT WAS ME, that saw those gigantic leaps, IT WAS ME, that had a look at Madeira island from the sea, IT WAS ME … Finally, who was it?

by Claudia Gomes

Message in a bottle: This afternoon we had Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Unfortunately we found a few plastic bags and two glass bottles. In the first bottle we found following message: “The trip on June 12th 2016 will be great” (which was right) and the second message in the bottle was: “All the guests enjoyed it very much” (also very right). What else did we had during this trip? Very nice guests!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Common dolphins


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

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