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12.05.2017 – Hidden and yet still found

12.05.2017 – Hidden and yet still found

On our afternoon trip we found several plastic items floating in the sea and took them on board. Big surprise when we found a nice example of a triggerfish (family of Balistidae), hidden under a plastic bin. Skipper Daniel took the fish out of the water for some moments, in order to show the trigger fish to us. We saw his strong teeth and two eyes, watching us. This kind of fish have a stout dorsal fin. The first spine is locked and can be unlocked by depressing the second (trigger) spine. With this mechanism, the animals can lock themselves in rocky walls in order to get protection against enemys.
On the morning tour we found, due to the great help of Spotter Carlos, a school of Atlantic spotted dolphin. Riding the bow of Stenella and surfing in the big waves, it seems that they enjoyed their live. So finally, after some days of rest (due to bad weather conditions), it was good to be out again in our “blue office”.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

10.00: Atlantic spotted Dolphins
15.00: no sightings (Sea-turtle and Trigger fish)

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