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11.10.2016 – Stenella

11.10.2016 – Stenella
Today a calm ocean awaited our guests. At first we drove out to the Pilot whales, which were gathered in different groups all over the ocean. After this sighting we went quickly to Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba), which flew at a tearing pace over the surface of the ocean. Also the Atlantic Spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) came in fast speed and wonderful jumps toward us.. Both types of dolphins can be very fast and they count in the genus of Stenellas. This might clear the question why our speedboat has the name “Stenella”. Also we sometimes fly elegant over the ocean.
The afternoon trip was a kind of adventures, the wind picked up and we had quit a few white caps out there. The guests of Ribeira Brava were all great and the kids had a funny seafaring. The Pilot whales were impressing and we even had a rescue operation of a Cory’s Shearwater. Poor one seems he broke his wing. Tomorrow he will be picked up and taking care of a specialist. We hope he will sail soon over the ocean again.
By Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day:
Ribeira Brava
10.00: Pilot whales, Striped dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
14.30: Pilot whales
10.00: Pilot whales, Striped dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.00: Pilot whales

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